Santa Claus Brings Oranges for Christmas

Not so very long ago, the oranges that are ripening above your cozy camper here at Orange Grove RV Park would have been a nearly-unattainable delicacy for people living elsewhere in the United States and Canada. So how did people get citrus fruits before trains, super highways, and big trucks? Santa Claus brought oranges for Christmas!

oranges for christmas


Oranges for Christmas – A Tradition Lives On

Legend has it that generous Saint Nicholas tossed bags of coins through the open window of three poverty-stricken sisters. The bags fell into their stockings that were drying by the fire. Thus, the tradition of giving gifts in stockings – with a golden orange representing St Nick’s bags of gold coins – was born.

Perhaps a more plausible explanation is that oranges and other citrus fruits were usually unavailable in the Midwest, the Northeast, and other regions of North America where oranges don’t grow. And when shopkeepers managed to get a few, they were expensive. The scarcity of citrus fruits during the Great Depression and earlier, meant finding an orange in the toe of one’s Christmas stocking was a real Christmas luxury.


Oranges Are Ripe Now – Go Ahead and Pick Them

Although modern transportation has made all sorts of fruits and vegetables available year-round, many folks still like to give oranges for Christmas. It’s a delicious, nutritious custom and one that you can fulfill right outside of your RV. Most varieties of oranges, including California’s favorite Navel orange, begin to ripen in late November and are at their peak in December, just in time for Christmas. So go ahead and pick the oranges from the trees at your campsite. You can be Santa Claus and bring fresh, sweet, juicy oranges for Christmas too.


Discounts at Orange Grove RV Park – The Oranges are Free!

Enjoy all the amenities under the orange trees, including the pool, three dog parks, the Clubhouse, a fully-equipped gym, and oodles more when you take advantage of Good Sam and Military Discounts on Regular Overnight Stays. Check the Rates to see the difference with or without a discount. Pick all the oranges you like next time you book a vacation at Orange Grove RV Park. And give oranges for Christmas or any other occasion – they keep on ripening right up through May.

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