RV Spring Cleaning Checklist Before Your Next RV Trip

As the season starts to change, the urge to clean up and start fresh starts to creep in. Your RV is no different! Whether you’ve been camping all year or just starting out for the season, anyone can benefit from an RV Spring Cleaning Checklist. Deep clean those hard-to-reach spaces, wash all your fabrics, and reorganize those cabinets, a good old-fashioned spring cleaning is in order.

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6 tips for your RV Spring Cleaning Checklist

Time to freshen up with an RV Spring Cleaning Checklist. From clean scents to organized cabinets, it never hurts to revamp the RV.

RV Spring Cleaning Checklist | Orange Grove RV Park

1. Wash Everything

The first thing on the RV Spring Cleaning Checklist is to start washing everything that can be and should be washed. This can include curtains, blankets, pet beds, rugs, kid’s items, and anything that is frequently used. Get this started while you tackle the rest.

2. Deep Clean Those Cracks and Corners

It’s time to stop ignoring the place where everything falls but nothing is retrieved. Deep clean your stove top and behind the toilet, wipe down your cabinets, and mop the floors for a seriously fresh feeling.

3. Reorganize Your Spaces

Move things around, reorganize cluttered closets, introduce storage bins or shelving, and overall organize some of those overloaded spaces you’ve abandoned.

4. Find Some Items to Donate

An RV Spring Cleaning Checklist is a great excuse to start going through your stuff and deciding what stays and what can be donated.

5. Spray and Wipe Every Surface

In honor of the fresh aroma of Orange Grove RV Park, you can spray your surfaces with all-natural citrus cleaners. These are nontoxic products that add a fresh clean scent to the air.

6. Open Up the Windows

Sometimes all it takes is some warm dry weather and a good breeze. Open up your RV windows and let the natural air come through and help push out any lingering odors.

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or a weekend warrior, it’s never a bad idea to revamp your space and show it some love. So let’s gather up the laundry, open up the windows, spray that fresh orange scent, and get ready for the coming spring season. With this RV Spring Cleaning Checklist, your RV will be feeling fresh and looking good.

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