Dr. RV Trip Tips

Heading out on a well-deserved trip with your RV can be an exciting adventure. Make sure to plan ahead before hitting the road. Review these tips to help you on your way.

  • Make sure you have a first aid kit prepared. You always want to be prepared in case of an emergency. It also a good idea to keep extra flashlights and cameras with the first aid kit. A camera could be needed to document damages in an accident.
  • Before getting on the road, make sure to check the RV thoroughly. Sit in the vehicle and check all mirrors. Make sure all tires are properly inflated. Check that all compartments are closed and secure. Check that all lights are working properly. Double check all hookups.

  • Don’t underestimate road conditions. Prepare for traffic or any other unseen occurrence that can keep you idling for long periods of time. Be sure to keep your gas tank full when you plan on driving for a long stretch.
  • Give yourself and your vehicle plenty of rest. It is a good idea not to drive more than 400 miles at a time. Driver fatigue can be extremely dangerous to passengers and other travelers on the road. Make sure to take frequent stops on long trips to keep fresh and alert. Making stops also prevents your vehicle from working too hard and getting over heated.
  • Driving in the mornings or late afternoons will help limit the amount of stress on your vehicle. Hot weather can put unnecessary strain on your vehicle.
  • If you experience water leaks, make sure to check the seals around your windows and doors.
  • Use a portable heater to keep warm to limit propane usage. The furnace can deplete your tank quickly if over used.
  • Save money on food by grocery shopping before your trip. Stocking up on plenty of nonperishable items can come in handy when you have hungry passengers. This will limit your stops, and decrease the amount of money you spend on restaurants and snacks along the way.

More tips are being developed and will be added. Come back soon!

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