A White Tree Trunk Christmas

You may think the snow white tree trunks are part of Orange Grove RV’s holiday décor. They make a festive sight when coupled with the glossy green leaves and brilliant colors of the oranges on every tree in each and every campsite.

Beautiful, yes. Practical too. Here’s why…

Citrus Trees and Sunburn

If citrus trees were left alone to propagate themselves and grow as nature intended, they would be thick shrubs and grow close together. The bushy canopy of leaves would shield the trunks and branches within from the sun’s rays. But that would make it difficult for people to pick the delicious juicy oranges.

So modern growers trim the lower branches to reveal the trunk and plant the trees at a little distance from each other to make it easy to get the fruit.

Unfortunately, citrus bark is paper-thin and tender. Just like people, orange trees get sunburned! And when that happens, insects can attack the already stressed bark.

White-washing is the answer. White water-based paint reflects the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, doesn’t harm the tree, and seals the bark against little burrowing bugs.

Now you know!

A White Christmas in Bakersfield

It’s probably not going to be a white Christmas in Bakersfield. The last time it snowed here was in 1999. Yet songs about the holidays, particularly the classic White Christmas, are part of nearly every singer’s repertoire, including #1 icon of the Bakersfield Sound, country-music legend Merle Haggard.

So enjoy the music while you look at the snow white orange trees. Happy Holidays from Orange Grove RV Park.

Make it an orange-juicy holiday when you book your stay at California’s most unique camping experience – Orange Grove RV Park. Book Now!

White Tree Trunks | White Christmas in Bakersfield

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